What is the Mannequin Challenge & Best Video Collection

This is an article that will compile the meaning, origin, songs and best Mannequin Challenge videos that whole of the America and many other countries are looking to break records with.

This challenge is raised as a unique trend to rise people’s attention through social media. You may have seen many video posts that people share or upload themselves in which a group of participants stand still or stay frozen while music plays in the background.

If you too want to be a part of this trend then read this article to get many crazy ideas which you can use to win over this challenge and produce a viral video.

Talking about the Mannequin Challenge, most of the people know what this challenge is and how it is done. But we are going to check out an in-depth of this challenge, and also look into the origin of this challenge and the real purpose of doing it.

mannequin challenge meaning

What is the Mannequin Challenge?

We got a brief of the concepts that will be covered in this post. As mentioned before with the onset of the digital era, posted things online and getting the reviews and opinions is the new trend. One such viral concept is the Challenge that is done online. Some get many hits, while some of them don’t get the right attention.

The Mannequin Challenge is a task in which a group of people remains frozen, and a video is being recorded with people in frozen condition. And while this video is recorded, a piece of music is played in the background.

The music played in the background is mostly the Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd. People pose like a mannequin, that is act being frozen, and with music played in the background, a video is recorded just like that. And then the video is shared through social networking sites like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

It is believed that the first mannequin challenge was posted by a group of school students, in Jacksonville, Florida. And these students posted a mannequin challenge video on 12th of October, 2016. And after that there was no looking back, the video went viral, and after that many such mannequin challenges were posted by other people too.

One point to note here, not all challenges goes viral. Viral video means a video that has been posted online has got a large number of views. And also people are loving it and sharing among their friends, which ultimately makes the video say ‘it went viral.’

After the original video had gone viral, then there was no looking back. Many other people, all over the world started posting mannequin videos of themselves with a group. The video is shared with a hashtag like #MannequinChallenge.

Some of the famous personalities and athletes, have also got inspired with this challenge and posted their mannequin challenge videos too. Some of these personalities include Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Adele, Britney Spears, and the list is endless.

best mannequin challenge

Best Mannequin Challenges Till Now

The Mannequin challenge was first posted by the teenage students of Florida, that we mentioned earlier too. After that, the challenge started spreading all over the Internet, with people loving the challenge and posting their personal videos of performing the Mannequin Challenge too.

There are quite a huge lot of Mannequin challenge videos that went viral after the original one was posted. We will list out some 6 Mannequin Videos that went viral like hell! There are some Mannequin Videos which have been recorded with a huge number of people in it, and so with the increase in number, the task gets tougher.

Still, there are many of the videos which came out well, so let’s check them out now.

Real Royal Family=> This mannequin challenge showed the school children, doing the Mannequin challenge. This challenge shows the school squad, performing their daily activity which includes goofing around in the class, silly fights, selfie moments and much more.


Hillary Clinton=> On the election day itself, Hillary Clinton posted her Mannequin Video along with her team. This video was shot inside the plane cabin, along with the counterparts of Jon Bon Jovi and Bill Clinton. Around 10-15 people are shown in this video, and Hillary Clinton appears at the end part of the video.

Zach King Gravity Defying=> Zach King is a vine maker, filmmaker, and a YouTube personality. He recently posted his Mannequin Challenge and shared it on Instagram. He has used the concept of gravity defying for accomplishing the challenge. We can see a group of around 10-11 people acting like a mannequin.

Andrew Peterson=> The next one on the list is the Mannequin Challenge performed by Andrew Peterson. He posted the video on Twitter and in that you will find many people as large as 15-20 have contributed for the video. You will find people as a mannequin in a party house, and the next scene shows a supermarket with some of the individuals in warrior costume in it.

The Ellen Show=> The next on the list is the Ellen DeGeneres’s Mannequin Challenge. Ellen is an American comedian, actress, producer, TV host, writer. Her Mannequin video shows her crew members acting as a Mannequin, and performing it backstage. The video shows Ellen poses with her playing table tennis. They have made use of gravity-defying technique too.

The White House=> The final on the list is the Mannequin Challenge performed by the First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House. The video taken shows Michelle Obama posing for a selfie with LeBron James, with all the other Cleveland Cavaliers teammates. The video is recorded in the White House with all the basketball players dressed up in formal wear.

These are the some of the top Mannequin Videos that went viral after the original one was posted by the Teenage students.

Best Mannequin Challenge Song

In the previous paragraphs, we have discussed the Mannequin Challenge and the extent to which the Challenge has been liked by the people. The Mannequin Challenge got viral, and people from all over the world are trying out this challenge and posted their videos online through all the available social networking sites.

There is no concept as such the Mannequin Challenge Song yet. Most of the Mannequin Challenges are posted with the track Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd. The starting of the song, with the lyrics ‘that girl is a real crowd pleaser’ hooks you with the video that is posted along with this audio in the background.

As soon as the track Black Beatles were out; the song was already a hit. Later the Jacksonville students posted the first Mannequin Challenge video, and there was no looking back after that. The views of the song soared up like anything, and the irony is that there is no such word/concept related to Mannequin in the entire song.

Somebody posted the Mannequin Challenge video, with a random music and that was the Black Beatles audio by Rae Sremmurd. After that, most of the Challenge videos were posted with the same track. And after a lot of people posted the same way, the Black Beatles track became the signature audio for the Mannequin Challenge.

What is the Purpose of Mannequin Challenge?

We have already seen the concept of the Mannequin Challenge, the song Black Beatles which got a million viewers after it became the Mannequin Song, some of the viral Mannequin Challenges performed by famous personalities. And here we will check out about the Purpose behind the Mannequin Challenge.

The primary objective of this Mannequin Challenge is to combine the variety of elements that are in our surrounding in a still manner. And then making a video of the same and sharing it online. And in this time of trending and other viral posts, this Mannequin Challenge got a hit for many reasons.

The main reason is that the challenge can be easily performed by anyone, just look at it; you need to be like a frozen person in front of the cam for some couple of seconds. And make a video out of it. The concept is unique, fun yet challenging one as you have to be in a frozen state for some time.

Some people pose with simple body language, while some choose challenging poses. So you have to be frozen in the state you are. The basic purpose behind this Mannequin Challenge, according to us is that, to know the level of control we can have on our body, to check discipline we have got in that eerie silence while the challenge is ON!

Untold rules of Mannequin Challenge

In this part of the article, we will see some of the rules which have to be followed for doing a Mannequin Challenges. We will also list out any extra tip; that would help in making your Mannequin Challenge video likable and interesting for a larger audience.

The rules for the Mannequin Challenge is listed in the following section:

  1. You need to have a situation for recording a Mannequin Challenge video. So if the situation is a bigger one, you can take the video as the better one compared to the other challenge videos which have got less number amount of situation in it.
  2. Next point is solely about the pose. Choose such a pose, which seems to be a difficult one to do, yet it could be handled rightly by you. So make sure you don’t end up choosing a difficult pose, and ruining your Challenge video.
  3. This rule is quite obviously known by all, and it is that you DO NOT MOVE while the Challenge video is being made. Even if any one person makes a slight movement in a video of more than ten persons, the video stands canceled.
  4. This rule is regarding the recording of the video. Record the video in one shot, and avoid recording different parts and merging the whole. So make sure you record the video in one take, completely.
  5. Have the Black Beatles track running in the background of the video.
  6. And finally, share the video with the hashtag of #MannequinChallenge written in the caption of it.

Therefore, these are the Untold Rules you have got, for recording the video Mannequin Challenge. Follow them for recording the video.

mannequin challenge origin

Mannequin Challenge Origin

Online Challenges have been a craze among the people, with this digital revolution. But not all the online challenges get many hits, though. Some of the online challenges posted include the Ice Bucket Challenges, which was reported removed from Facebook and Instagram. And then the on-going online challenge is the Mannequin Challenge.

In this challenge, you are required to record a video of a group of people in a frozen state. Follow the rules that have been mentioned in the previous section, which are necessary to be followed to complete the Mannequin Challenge correctly.

Talking about the origin of this challenge, this was started by a group of teenage kids from Edward H. White High School, Jacksonville, Florida. This group of students posted their Mannequin Video, and it has been retweeted for some 4000+ times now on Twitter.

The link of the original Mannequin Challenge video or the first Mannequin Challenge video is provided:

We are sure that the cuteness factor in these videos will override all your emotions. Trust me, it is really hard to do it ourselves and when you will see the dogs do it in these videos, you are likely to be shocked. Watch these videos and if you have a cute pet that can do such a trick, then take up the Mannequin Challenge. Shoot a really innovative video of your dog doing the Mannequin Challenge and upload it to join the trendy.

Dog Mannequin Challenge

The Mannequin Challenge is a trending video session in which we see many teens enact a mannequin (wax statue) with a mild or cranky music that contradicts the visual sensation. It is funny, sensational, trendy and covers the spotlight for the current trends.

dog mannequin challenge

Similar to humans Mannequin Challenge, where we see people acting like mannequins, in the Dog Mannequin Challenge we see the dogs stay put until the video is shot. This idea is brought up to increase the cuteness factor as we know that there are many cute and adorable things that the dogs and cats can do.

The challenging part is to make the dog understand the subject or reason behind the Mannequin Challenge. They do no participate willingly of course but they enjoy learning new tricks that their owners teach them. In our article here we have listed some of the best videos that show the Dog Mannequin Challenge.

All the videos that we have are listed in the best videos for the Challenge. Click on the links to reach the Youtube pages for the best videos of the Dog Mannequin Challenge:

Best Dog Mannequin Challenge Accepted

OMG what a challenge!!!

I can’t believe on this

Just aweful Dog Mannequin Challenge

Can you believe on this

We are sure that the cuteness factor in these videos will override all your emotions. Trust me, it is really hard to do it ourselves and when you will see the dogs do it in these videos, you are likely to be shocked. Watch these videos and if you have a cute pet that can do such a trick, then take up the Mannequin Challenge. Shoot a really innovative video of your dog doing the Mannequin Challenge and upload it to join the trendy.

Cowboys Mannequin Challenge

The Mannequin Challenge took the web by storm a few weeks ago. It is one of the top trending feature the west after the “Ice bucket Challenge”. It is quite fascinating to see all the youth join in and discover creative ideas for the challenge.

cowboys mannequin challengeJust after some time, even the celebrities and sports personalities joined the club. They also posted their trendy Mannequin Challenge videos on the web and it is going viral for all of them. It is amusing to see people do it and now the Dallas Cowboys team has also put up their video for the Mannequin Challenge.

The team had won the match and were returning to Dallas by air. In their jet, the decided to take off the Mannequin Challenge that the whole of America is fond and crazily performing. And what do you know?! The next thing was that the team took up different poses and gave a creditable performance knowing that they were on a flight.

Furthermore, on 21st November, the Dallas Cowboy’s team cheerleaders went on and gave their take on the challenge. The hot and sizzling performers shot their Mannequin Challenge video that went viral in very less time. Here are the links to view the videos of the Dallas Cowboys team and their members doing the Mannequin Challenge;

  • Dallas Cowboys game victory-Team Executives-Mannequin Challenge:

  • Dallas Cowboys team Cheerleaders-Mannequin Challenge:

Although they were on the plane, they made quite an effort as opposed to videos that go viral on land. We hear criticism regarding their effort but hey, who are we to judge? The whole world is trying to make up to this challenge and so are the adults. Hence, we honor their effort and those who like it will amuse it.

football mannequin challenges

Football Mannequin Challenge

Now, as we said above that the Mannequin Challenge is involving many celebrities and sports personalities, we mean whole teams too. When it comes to the Mannequin challenge, the bigger the group, the better will be the video. This inspired many states teams and leagues players to come up with their videos.

Players and fans get together in the video and act as a real scene to depict the Mannequins and the camera man covers the entire shot. This challenge has become a great trending feature over social media networks and fans love it. In this article, we will provide direct links for you to enjoy the best Football mannequin Challenges videos so far.

The videos are usually set to the song “Black Beatle” by rap duo Rae Sremmurd. This is how the original concept had lift off from the start. The concept sounds even more interesting when you will see Football and soccer players perform the Mannequin Challenge.

Here is a list of videos with their native description showing which team has done it:

  • Firstly, the Navy Football team is seen doing this crazy Mannequin Challenge in a very creative way representing the mood of the game.

  • Then, we have the Missouri football game at which an entire section outperforms the Mannequin Challenge encouraging the lift and essence of the trend; Mannequin Challenge by Missouri Football Game fans
  • Next, we have the Fordham Softball Mannequin Challenge by Big Drew Grafix :

  • The original team had also something in mind and they performed their Mannequin Challenge in their locker room as you can see here

  • Finally, Cristiano Ronaldo and the Portugal team performs the Mannequin Challenge and wins the Football Mannequin Challenge. He poses merely in his underpants backed up with white boxer briefs holding a weight bar doing the exercise. the whole team set up the gym looking arrangement in the video and perform outstandingly well.

Funny aren’t they. Well, watch more videos that come up and you can enjoy this trend even more if you are a football fan. All the teams are participating in this Mannequin Challenge without the need of any prizes or cups because it is a social trend. Players perform the challenge to amuse their fans and give them more of their social interests, not just the professional side.

Dance Mannequin Challenge

The videos are flooding Facebook pages and Twitter profiles. In the video people stand in groups, frozen in place, and the camera moves around quickly to cover the scene. The larger the better and now comes the Dance mannequin Challenge in which groups of dancers take the Mannequin Challenge and still represent their dance stills.

dance mannequin challenge

We have compiled the list for our readers to find amazing Dance Mannequin Challenge videos easily. People take the challenge and display their talent in a creative way. In this dance theme video, a group of dancers pose with various styles depicting a dance step and others also do something to show the same.

Many famous celebrities have their Dance Mannequin Challenge videos on the web and you can view any of them. However, the dance moves cannot be made because it will not be a statue pose video then. Here are some of the videos for you to understand this challenge with the Dance theme better;

  • Firstly, we have the dance theme Mannequin Challenge by Britney Spears and her crew. they were practicing their song shoot of “Piece of Me” where they came up with this idea. The challenge is extraordinarily performed and has won many hits among social networks. So, here is the link for you to glaze this video; Mannequin Challenge by Britney Spears and her crew
  • Also, on Dance Moms Season 7, watch the girls take on the Challenge behind the Scenes. They did this on their practice of the routine and made many hits on facebook.

  • Another famous show inline shot their video to join the trend. On the sets of “Dancing with the Stars”, the crew got together and shot this trending video of their take on the Challenge.

Enjoy these dance theme videos and you can create your own Mannequin video like the rest of them too. Yes, you have to be creative so that people find the video amusing. Or simply if you know a famous personality then include him or her in it o win the likes. Although it’s not easy, it’s not impossible either.

Underwater Mannequin Challenge

To take this challenge to another level, people wanted to try out the limits of exclusivity. By this I mean, people wished to see the challenge in water. this would definitely be a real challenge as to maintain the statue form in water is not really that easy.

Also, the fact that it is done underwater. No one can hold breath for a longer time till the video is shot. So, practically it becomes a challenge to successfully complete the challenge. However, few groups across the nations have been successful to complete this challenge underwater too.

We have few videos for you to show you how people perform the Underwater Mannequin Challenge. These are actually experts who train to do the show. So, please, we request our readers to not try all this without experts supervision. Sometimes, the drive to do something extra can be harmful. So please take care.

Here are the videos of the underwater challenge:

  • This entire video shoot in the water is viral across the social media. The UOP Polo team did this and they successfully won the challenge as their performance says it all. Watch the video here: UOP team -Underwater Mannequin Challenge
  • Next is The New Jersey Hammerhead’s Underwater Rugby Team, who also outstandingly performed the challenge.

  • They made a great effort to stay still underwater as we know that the drift and lift due to the density of body is not easy to manage. The music in the video though is quite a challenge to figure if it is edited onto the video later or they used underwater speakers.

Mannequin Challenge Gymnastics

This thing that is taking place over the internet is really getting viral. I am eagerly saying this because the challenge is taking many forms and it has entered several fields. After seeing the challenge among celebs, players, even dogs, we have also gymnasts performing this challenge in their ways.

mannequin challenge gymnasts

The creativity of human mind is far out of understanding as people prove their worthiness in this challenge. The gymnasiums have also been affected by this trend and they are more encouraging to perform various challenge aspects than other people.

The gymnasts put their expertise into the play as the underwater team does and they make different videos of the challenge. In this era, people are really doing everything to keep up with the trends. Similarly, the gymnasts of the nation are trying to win this challenge by their talent. Take a look at some videos from our collection and learn the idea of the challenge.

  • A group of Welsh gymnasts performed this challenge some time back. They seem to have defied gravity with their video. The gymnasts have incredible athletic spirit and their stamina is also really high. The group showcased the final video after several practices and also made many hits across media. Here’s their video:Welsh Gymnasts performing the challenge
  • Another video from by the texas gymnasts proves the challenge even tougher than we imagine with their poses. They got their take on the challenge and impressed the audiences and their club fans too.

  • Next, we have BYU gymnastics team who have won the challenge with their viral video. They show great effort in all their performances and this video challenge was also one of them. The entire squad performance was great. Several of them performed on the equipments while some form splits on a beam, some performed handstands on the floor and bench as well. Here’s the link to the video; BYU Gymnasts – Mannequin challenge

There are more videos on the internet if you’d like to watch. However trendy this challenge is, viewers are advised to be careful with their performances in it. All the videos you see here are under expert supervision. Also, the most important thing is to be safe yet creative with the challenge.

Hope you guys liked our post on What is the Mannequin Challenge & List of Best Mannequin Challenge Videos. Have you recorded your Mannequin Challenge videos already? If yes, then share it out with us in the comment section below. For more updates on daily online buzz and such challenges, follow us on Celebrity Snapchat!

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