Celebrity Snapchat Usernames with Latest Updates

Are you finding updates of your favorite Celeb? Let’s get it from them only. This is the dedicated blog on Celebrity Snapchat Usernames who are famous in the world. You will get all details and updates about your favorite celebrity’s account here. Find their Snapcode here to easily follow them. You can request extra details from us too.

It is been a long time since when people, mostly teenagers, started to use this amazing Application. Nowadays, People wants to know everything about their Celebrity and then comes, Celebrity Snapchats.

The amazing photo messaging app is famous among Star Celebrity. Even they use this App in a unique way. They let their fans be part of their life by sharing images and videos by providing Celebrity Snapchat Usernames.

Have a look at List of Popular Celebrity Snapchat Usernames

Finding your favorite star on Facebook and Twitter is an easy task as their profile has verified symbol attach to it. But when it comes to this App, you won’t be able to find such tick mark.

So you can find verified Celebrity Snapchat Usernames with our help. You can follow them by finding actual username from this blog too.Celebrity Snapchat Usernames

Celebrity Snapchat Usernames (Latest List):

This Photo Messaging app work with the help of username. It assigns different names to every user based on users’ preferences. They are known via id and not by their real name here. If your name is john and keep your ID as rosemerry, yeah that’s possible.

Our Star Celebs too have Username and with that, we can follow them. Therefore, whenever they will update their snap, we will get a benefit of watching it. Even we can take a screen shot to save that image.

We will discuss a huge list of Celebrity Snapchat Usernames based on various category. These lists will include 5 Celebrity Snapchats from each category. You can find much more from on other articles published on this blog. It’s easy and we will try to include each and every category.

This is the main reason behind its pick popularity between users as well as celebrities including stars, pop singers, musicians, brands etc. The below given list of some of the celebrity who is very popular on Snapchat. You might want to follow them.

  1. Ariana Grande: She is a singer as well as songwriter. She earned her popularity with the first album “Yours Truly”. We found her album at NO.1 on the Billboard 200 chart in the United States.
    Ariana Grande Snapchat Username: Moonlightbae (old: ArianaGrandePrv)
  2. Chace Crawford: We all know him as Nate Archibald as he played the role in Gossip Girl. We all loved him very much for it. His role in the Movie What to Expect When You’re Expecting gained his popularity. You can him on Celebrity Snapchats.
    Chace Crawford Snapchat Username: TexaschaceFamous Celebrity Snapchar
  3. Rihanna: She is a superstar. We can say that she is a best-seeling star of all time. She is known for her hit singles like “Umbrella” and “Diamonds”.
    Rihanna Snapchat Username: Rihanna
  4. Jared Leto: We know him for his acting in “Lord of War” and “Switchbank”. He is trending for his Academy Award for “Dallas Buyers Club” as Best Supporting Actor.
    Jared Leto Snapchat Username: Jaredleto
  5. Ashley Greene: She is an actress and a model and we can found her in Twilight Series and she is known for her role in it.
    Ashley Greene Snapchat Username: GreeneyGirl
  6. Zayn Malik: He is most desirable English Singer and Song Writer. He uses his name as id. He regularly updates about late night studio sessions.
    Zayn Malik Snapchat Username: Zayn
  7. Rob Kardashian: We all know him as American TV Personality. He is also a businessman.He uses a combination of his name with other alphabets. He uses Snapchat for sharing his gym sessions, a meal and selfies.
    Rob Kardashian Snapchat Username: RobphuckedmeJoe Jonas Snapchat Username
  8. Joe Jonas: He is an actor as well as American Singer. We all know that he is famous for his super hot selfies and videos uploaded via Snapchat Celebrities.
    Joe Jonas Snapchat Username: Joseadam
  9. Julianne Hough: She is well known for her dancing skills. Julianne Hough is also a singer and actress. She kept her username very funny. You won’t get surprised as she updates all the Behind-the-scenes videos which are accompanied by funny snaps.
    Julianne Hough Snapchat Username: Jujucaroo
  10. Chrissy Teigen: She is an American Model. She took her name as a username for Snapchat. While visiting her account, you will find different videos of cooking and few funny and cute selfies.
    Chrissy Teigen Snapchat Username: Chrissyteigen

Trends change with time, month by month and year by year. You will not be surprised with the latest trend of Celebrity Snapchat. Celebrities are sharing their snap which can be a messaging photo, recorded video, text or drawing. The unique thing about using this application is the time constraint of 1 to 10 Seconds. This means it won’t be available after that time limit on Snapchat Celebrity.Celebrities Snapchar Usernames

Famous Celebrities Snapchat Usernames List:

This is the dedicated blog to the application. Here you will find out each and every update about Celebrity Snapchat Username. You don’t need to change site every time for different celebs. You can just be here and find all your favorite celebs at ease.

This will give you all the time to time information about Snapchat Celebrities. You don’t need to worry about how you can be able to find your favorite star on this Application. This is the easy place to find them out. Have a look on Famous Celebrity Snapchats and their Usernames.

  1. Usher Terry Raymond IV: He is well known for his singing skills. He is an American songwriter, singer, actor, and dancer. He remains a dominant player for more than 15 years in the popular music industry. He earned several honors including Grammy and People’s Choice awards.
    Usher Snapchat Username: howusnap
  2. Christopher Michael Pratt: He is an actor famous in America. He became popular after his popular roles in a television industry. He played Bright Abbott in Everwood which earned him initial popularity. He is also known for his dry sense of humor.
    Chris Pratt Snapchat Username: chrisprattsnapCelebrity Snapchat Names
  3. Abel Makkonen Tesfaye: He is a Canadian Singer, record producer, and songwriter. We all know him by The Weeknd which is his stage name. Once in 2010, he uploaded various songs on YouTube under the title of “The Weeknd. Therefore, he became popular with that name only.
    The Weeknd Snapchat Username: xo.official
  4. Kendall Nicole Jenner: She is a television personality as well as an American Fashion Model. We spotted her first in E! reality tv show. we can say that she became popular after appearing in Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality show. She quickly has proven that she is supermodel-in-the-making.
    Kendall Jenner Snapchat Username: kendalljenner
  5. Scott Eastwood: He is an American model and an actor. He is known for his appearance in the films like Fury, Invictus, Flags of Our Fathers, The Forger, Gran Torino, and Trouble with the Curve. We all know that he is insanely sexy. We can say that he is topping in Celebrity Snapchat usernames list because of his sexy workout in jeans, his shirtless moments and his love for puppies.
    Scott Eastwood Snapchat Username: scotteastwood
  6. Katherine Elizabeth Upton: She is an American Model and actress. She became publically known after appearing in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She is topping the list of Celebrity Snapchat Usernames because of her latest three Sports Illustrated Covers.
    Kate Upton Snapchat Username: kateuptonsnap
  7. Kimberly Kardashian West: She is known as an American Reality TV Personality. She is also an actress, businesswoman, and model. She became popular for her role in Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It was family television series.
    Kim Kardashian West Snapchat Username: kimkardashian
  8. Terry Alan Crews: He is an American Actor. He is also a former football player from America. He became popular after appearing in Old Spice commercials.
    Terry Crews Snapchat Username: Crewscontrol99Celebrities with Snapchat
  9. Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson: She is an Australian stand-up comedian. She is also known for her acting and writing. She is topping this list of Celebrity Snapchat because of her comedy skills. She is mostly known for her comedy acts in movies like Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect.
    Rebel Wilson Snapchat Username: rebelwilsonsnap
  10. Ariana Grande-Butera: She is an American singer and actress. She is the only one to top the list of famous Snapchat Celebrity and Celebrity Snapchat Usernames. We can say that she became popular after her appearance in the Broadway Musical 13.
    Ariana Grande Snapchat Username: moonlightbae

This list might have skipped some Celebrity Snapchat Usernames. You can find it in other lists. You can also request someone’s username with the help of comment bar. I hope that the above list included your superstar.

Top Music Celebrity Snapchat Usernames:

The above list was made out of all categories. This is the exclusive list of Music Snapchat Celebrities Only. You can find popular singers and pop stars celebs here. The list is made from the popularity graph. This might change with time. We will update the list if requires.

If your favorite music celeb is not listed here, you can find them on a dedicated list of each and every music celebs. This is the list of top 10 Music Celebrity Snapchat Usernames only. You can follow these celebs with the help of provided user ids of them.Celebrity Snapchat Accounts

These stars are known for sharing their live concerts, practices and daily routines via Snapchat. if you are interested in their day to day life, you must follow them on Snapchat App. Have a look on below list.

  1. Justin Bieber Snapchat Username (Singer): rickthesizzler
  2. Luke Bryan (Singer): LukeBryan
  3. Ben Haggerty (Singer with Stage name Macklemore): macklemore
  4. Maroon 5 (American Pop Rock Band): maroon5
  5. Meghan Trainor (American Singer): mtrainor22
  6. Miley Cyrus (Singer): mileycyrus
  7. One Direction (An English-Irish pop boy band): onedirection
  8. Rick Ross (American rapper): richforever
  9. Rihanna Snapchat Username (Barbadian singer): Rihanna
  10. Selena Gomez (American singer): selenagomez 

I hope you liked out a list of best music Celebrity Snapchat. You can share this list with your friends. You can also send us a correction (if any). This is the best list of Music persons and entities.Snapchat for iPhone iPad Update

What is Celebrity Snapchats?

This is about the photo and video Sharing application called Snapchat. We have been using it since 2011. It gained popularity within a year due to its unique feature. Whatever shared on it whether photo or video last up to 10 seconds only. Then it gets deleted from the server of Snapchat App.

It became a trend to use it and as it gained popularity, people started using it as a tool to gain popularity and share their photos and videos. Star Celeb from around the world started using it for sharing their personal and professional life with their fans with the help of Celebrity Snapchats.

So now we have an option to which we can remain updated and that too from our celebs only. We will just need to find your right username to follow them. Our dedicated blog will help you out with that too. We will publish a list of different celebs’ username. You can follow them easily.

Features of Snapchat Celebrities:
This app used by most of the people. But if we have to tell it specifically, it is favorite among teens and adult users. They are the largest part of users’ base. It is because of its superb features only.

The following is list of features for Celebrity Snapchats

  • The app is free and you can choose your username.
  • You can add contacts and find your friends on user list.
  • You can make your selfie as custom logo which will be visible with your name.
  • You can edit your snap soon after clicking it.
  • Snap Deleted within 10 seconds of viewers watching it.
  • Celebrity Snapchat will allow you to remain updated from your Star Celeb.
  • You can follow them with username only.

These are some of the features which will make Snapchat app your favorite one. You can download the app from iTune or Play Store without any add-on cost.

You can request for your favorite Celebrity Snapchat Usernames here and we will bring an exclusive update for you here only. Do tell us about your views or any change in the Username of Celebs. You can share the best thing about your favorite celebs too. Remain update with the help of Celebrity Snapchat